Crepe Paper

Product Description

Sterilization crepe paper is specially used for wrapping medical devices which are to be sterilized by steam or EO, to avoid the occurrence of cross-infection, and greatly reduces cost.

1. Application:
Can be used as inner and outer sterilization wrapping for various kinds of medical devices.

2. Materials:
60 medical crepe paper, no smell, no fiber, no powder, non-toxic.

3. Color:
 Green is available, easily categorized different instrument set.

4. Sterilization method:
EO or Steam.

5. Standard:
In compliance with ISO11607 and EN868 standard.

6. Advantage:
(1)Excellent bacteria barrier and long shelf life, can keep sterile state for 6 month after sterilization.
(2)Excellent water resistance and bursting strength.
(3)Convenience and Eco-friendly, can greatly reducing liquid waste output, can be incinerated after use

7. Sizes: 60 cm / 75 cm / 90 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm