Non-Adhesive Dressing

Highly absorbent filling with barrier layer. Soft and comfortable non-adherent pad to protect wound and promote rapid healing.

Can be used in direct contact with wound or in conjunction with a special wound contact layer

  • Allow skin movement without risk of rapture.
  • Reduces risk or contaminations.
  • Provides a high absorption of exudative wounds.
  • Efficient and versatile dressing can handle large quantities of fluid and minimal drainage while delivering optimal performance.
  • Non-adherent wound contact layer for easy removal.
  • Can be cut to size easily.
  • High absorption capacity increase wearing time.
  • Water proof, bacteria proof and viral proof outermost layer.
  • Highly breathable dressing allows gaseous changes which is ideal for wound healing.
  • Keep the absorbed exudates even under compression.
  • Atraumatic and painful dressing removal
  • Size: 10cmx10cm / 10cmx20cm / 10cmx25cm