Sterile Nelaton Catheter

Product Name/Trade Name:

  • Name: Nelaton Catheter.

Product Description:

  • The Nelaton catheter is one of the most common types of catheters. This product is made of soft, kink-resistant and DEHP-free PVC material. The tip of the catheter is atraumatic, soft, and rounded, with two lateral openings for efficient drainage.
  • Tube for Nelaton Catheter.
  • For short term bladder catheterization through urethra.
  • Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC tubing.
  • Atraumatic, soft, rounded, closed tip with two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Radio-opaque material (R.O.P. line) for accurate placement.
  • Tube Length: 38.5 cm.
  • Sizes: 6 FG to 24 FG.


  • To drain the bladder in case of urinary retention.
  • Collection of sterile urine sample.
  • Provide relief of discomfort from bladder distention.
  • Decompression of the bladder.
  • Measure residual urine.
  • Management of patients with spinal cord injury, neuromuscular degeneration, or incompetent bladders.


  • Unexplained haematuria
  • Previous lower abdominal surgery
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Ascites
  • Suspicion of ovarian cyst
  • Instruction for Use:
  • Clean the genitalia of the patient with mild antiseptic solution.
  • Put some antiseptic jelly on the tip of the catheter without touching the tip of the catheter.
  • Advance the catheter into the urethra to its full length to the bladder.
  • Once the catheter reaches the bladder the urine starts to come out. Collect the urine in to the urine bag.


  • Do not use if package is open or damaged.
  • Discard after single use